21 mai 2006

Paroles des génériques.

“WE WERE LOVERS” Opening, dans l'OST 02, Piste 2. Par et de: Jean-Jacques Burnel. Harsh words were saidAnd lies were told insteadI didn’t ever mean to make you cryBut love can make us weak and make us strongAnd before too very longI was totally in love with youI bathed in you Lost in you, captivated by youAmazed by youDazed by youNothing can go wrongNothing can go wrongSo tonight, I’ll singA song to all my friendsAlso to those we won’t be seeing againTo those I knew and those I still adoreAnd I want to see once moreI just pray... [Lire la suite]
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21 mai 2006

Les DVD japonais.

Voilà l'ensemble des 12 dvd japonais, et les coffrets existants:                                                           
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21 mai 2006

Merchandising divers.

Quelques exemples des catégories d'objets que l'on peut trouver au Japon: *Des cadres: *Des mugs: *Des T-Shirt: *Des bijoux:
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